General Payment Conditions

Regarding the payment of the services of GGE- Golden Gate Emporium

Buyers can pay for their items using payment methods such as the following, the availability of which may vary:

PayPal Coupons
or GGE gift cards, etc. (if appropriate).

The scope of payment methods available to buyers may be changed at the sole discretion of GGE-Golden Gate Emporium.

GGE-Golden Gate Emporium may change, discontinue, improve or modify the features of Managed Payments at any time and you will be notified via the email address linked to your account.

We and / or our Affiliates may require that some transactions of the GGE-Golden Gate Emporium Services be completed without using Managed Payments (and instead using the services of third-party service providers) and we will provide buyers and sellers, as applicable, instructions on how payments should be made at the time of quote and / or purchase.

The underlying contract for the purchase of goods or services by the buyer from you is concluded directly between you and the buyer in the same way as for transactions for which we do not handle payments.

After a managed payments transaction occurs, you will receive an email notification confirming the payment transaction.

We will initiate the settlement of the income received in your linked Account. You can access the status of your managed payment transactions, including settlements and other payment information, on the Payments tab. in the Seller Center, which will be available to you when you successfully join Managed Payments.

We reserve the right to manage the risks (for example, the risk of your transactions being canceled) associated with the provision of the Payment Services by imposing restrictions on your access to funds or by taking other appropriate measures (including the implementation of transaction limits or termination of this agreement) as described in these Policy Refunds and withholdings of payments .

When you receive notice that a buyer has paid for an item through a Managed Payments transaction, you must then ship or otherwise deliver your item in accordance with the buyer’s selection from the shipping options that you made available in your listing. You agree to deliver all items purchased pursuant to the terms of your listing and perform all other necessary transaction-related actions, when we notify you that we have received payment from your buyer.