Policy Refunds and withholdings of payments

Refund Policy to buyers

For most purchases, buyers are refunded to the original payment method.

At GGE-Golden Gate Emporium we will reimburse the buyer through PayPal:

  • If the buyer does not have a PayPal account, they will need to create a PayPal account with their registered email address at GGE-Golden Gate Emporium to claim their refund.
  • If a buyer does not wish to receive their refund to a PayPal account, we ask that they contact Customer Service to discuss refund options.
  • If we are unable to send refunds to the PayPal account payment method, we can provide refunds using coupons or coupons redeemable for purchases at GGE-Golden Gate Emporium.

GGE-Golden Gate Emporium does not cover the losses that a buyer may suffer that are attributable to fluctuations in the currency exchange rates applied to the redemption.

Seller Refunds to GGE-Golden Gate Emporium

As described in this policy, GGE-Golden Gate Emporium may determine that the seller is responsible for providing a refund to the buyer. When GGE-Golden Gate Emporium issues a refund to the buyer on behalf of the seller, GGE-Golden Gate Emporium will seek to recover this amount from the seller, in accordance with the User Agreement and Payment Terms of Use.

If the payment was processed by GGE-Golden Gate Emporium:

We will deduct the refund amount from the seller’s funds that have not yet been disbursed, or
If the seller’s funds are not sufficient to cover the refund, we will charge the refund amount to the seller’s bank account for payment or other registered payment methods.

If the payment was processed through PayPal, we will:

  • Instruct PayPal to reverse the original transaction, or.
  • Instruct PayPal to deduct the refund amount from the seller’s PayPal balance, or.
  • Place the refund amount on the seller’s GGE-Golden Gate Emporium monthly invoice, which will be charged to the registered seller’s automatic payment method.
  • The seller can opt out of receiving the PayPal refund by contacting PayPal.
  • If the refund is unsuccessful, we reserve the right to request a refund by other means.

Seller payment holds

If a buyer reports that they do not receive an item or request a return, or steps in GGE-Golden Gate Emporium in a transaction problem, funds from a seller can be acquired by GGE-Golden Gate Emporium as indicated in the User Agreement and Payments Terms of Use, or held by PayPal as described in the PayPal User Agreement.